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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thoughts on Lost

I sense of beauty of nature and the presence of God so many times when I am near the oceans. This picture is of Shipwreck Cove near our Time Share in Kauai.

I continue to be a fan of the superb TV series "Lost". I watched the Final series in 40 minute serials last week and added the fine extra presentations included in the DVD set. When they talked about the core story they attempted to dramatize I realized again why the series resonated so deeply with me.

The writers wanted to pick normal flawed individuals and place them under incredible trials and see if selflessness, and heroic acts of love and service would overcome our own selfishness and self protection. They accomplished this so well during the six years of drama with great characacters who change and grow, whose weaknesses continue to haunt their decision making, and whose common experiences develope bonds that are the very essence of life, and as the series hints, are the stuff of the real life to come, when we "move on".

One of the themes they hoped to demonstrate through men like Sayid, and Sawyer was that nobody, absolutely nobody, is beyond redemption. I believe this is part of the gospel Paul preached.....and not a part of most of popular Christian teaching, which is far more interested in revenge and payback.

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