Hawaii 2010

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Friday, September 3, 2010

No Kidding, this really happened today.

I snapped this vehicle advirtisement in downtown Maui this June.

We were in the middle of a memorial service for one of our deceased members today. I had asked a dear friend and coworker to say a word of two. Just as she began to speak her Droid began ringing. She was very embarrassed. Then a thought entered her head....."A year ago Dow's phone range during the Pastor's sermon and I really jumped all over him and kind of hurt his feelings. After my dressing down his final remark was...."I bet it happens to you in church someday..." There was no one on the line and the phone burped out "Droid" and went silent. She confirmed that she had turned off the ringer when she entered church....or was that a zinger from beyond???
Gotcha girl!!!!!

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Kansas Bob said...

I am going to borrow that pic for a future post. Hope all is well these days Don.