Hawaii 2010

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Record end of September heat

Volcanic sand on Maui, not as dark as others but impressive color.

109 yesterday, 110 today, and snow in Bismark? What a great country.

Battling a back muscles strain that gets very painful when I am driving for some unknown reason.

Getting interested in making sure my vitamin, mineral, and health suppliments are filling all the gaps in my eating without wasting money.

Tried to combat a cold with the Emergen C massive dose of Vitamins and minerals and it really seemed to help.

I love my grandkids, and they can mess up a house very effectively. They always get to swim when they come and we enjoy that experience.

Praying for people with a positive expectation that God desires them to know the truth and to know Him, and He must therefore be....very patient in His love.

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Kansas Bob said...

That makes the 87 degrees on my balcony feel good Don!