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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Case for Civility 2

This is a huge Live Oak behind Aunt Jenny's Catfish Restaurant in Ocean Springs Ms where we enjoyed a meal this summer.

I am slowly working my way through Os Guiness book, The Case for Civility. He is making a huge point that our current culture wars can be lost by both sides if we lose one of the things that made America great, namely E Pluribus Unum. One out of many.

They found a way to have very different opinions without destroying each others lives and character, by learning to be civil with one another. This lack of civility will destroy our reputation around the world, and both sides are practicing character assisination and mocking with great glee, and it bothers me. Especially when I find how easy it is to practice myself.

On the news today someone punched someone trying to film a political speech...this is bad, very bad. Guiness says the issues are important..but the way we resolve our differences is just as important. I will keep you posted with his main points as I continue reading.

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Kansas Bob said...

Ditto that for me Don. Seems that even some Christians cannot get past bickering over theology, ideology and politics.