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Friday, September 10, 2010

Confusion and Conflict in my beloved Country

I cannot remember a time when so many Christians are riled up and angry. I cannot be sure if anything I say on the subject of religious freedom or Islamic/American relationships, or Presidential politics will find any kind of consensus among my own little flock.

The book burning controversy is sad and absurd, as is the reaction to one man's religious extremism in response to Islamic extremism.

All this being said, I join once again with I hope all the world in expressing deep sadness and sorrow for the horrific events we remember on the ninth anniversary of that day of infamy. I do not ask what Jesus would do? I have never thought that was a proper question. I will do what Jesus asked me to do, no debate. I will pray for my enemies. I will pray for wisdom in this changing world to deal with our religious tensions between the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian Religions.

I will continue to be a Christian without being religious, a follower of Jesus, kind of saddened by the way our current culture is handling just about everything. I understand it, I will not rail against it. I will love what is, and live in the present....presence.

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