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Monday, September 1, 2008

Two Destroyers....One Extinct

My middle son called from the hospital yesterday. He had an incident at work where he felt ill and began sweating profusely. He is being tested for diabetes or a heart attack. He and I have similar body types while my other two take after my wifes slender side of the family. He is Twenty Nine.

He joined the Marines after High School by getting into their fat camp. They bring overweight and out of shape kids into the Marines and give them 12 weeks of Physical Training before they begin basic training. We will be ever grateful to the Marines for making a man out of our son.

He did his four years including combat in Afghanistan and we are proud of his service. When he left the Marines he said he just could'nt maintain the weight.
Now, four years later he has gained a lot of weight because of this thing in the minds of overeaters, this sick relationship with food we have, and......fast food.
The fast food industry and the restaurant industry in general with their huge portions, Yeh, Im talking to you Cheese Cake Factory!!...have not helped our fat nation of young adults deal with obesity.

Matthew just got his wakeup call. I am hoping and praying he makes the deep and hard changes before heart disease revokes his warranty.


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