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Friday, September 19, 2008

Not Very Adventurous

It has taken me over 18 years to finally venture across the border to Mexico. Today, in keeping with my personal pledge to make my day off interesting, I joined the masses who are Mexican Drug Runners. Yep, its legal. You drive to Mexico and save on drug costs. For many retirees, this becomes a serious matter of financial survival as some of the medicines they neeed are not covered by medicare.

I went to Algodones, which means Cotton, right across the California border about 8 miles west of Yuma AZ. There is a huge parking lot, and four of five blocks of total free enterprise zone adorned with bright Mexican colors. You can get dental and vision care, pharmacy, liquiors, leather goods, and more decorative nic nacs and jewelry that you can shake a stick at. I could have bought a marble chess set and board for 25 bucks. Everything is negotiable, but the harrassment of the sales people was off putting to me on this first visit.

I bought some antifugul medicine, some Alleve, a leather belt, and a Mexican version of Baileys Irish Creme, called Reyes hispanic cafe ole??.....I made all that up except for the Reyes part.

When you leave you talk to one of three border agents. During the winter it can takes hours to get out with your stuff. I was told I could not return without a passport, a new law taking effect the first day of 2009. My friends the Alvarezs got a haircut for 4 dollars and a pedicure for 14, respectively. We had a really great mexican with some wonderful spanish redition of Elvis greatest hits. Its a multicultural world.

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