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Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Orleans is unique

The Cresent City played a large role in our lives when we were "whistling dixie". This summer we walked the historic streets of the French Quarter on my 58th Birthday. We entered the courtyard of the St. Louis Hotel where we spent a night or two on our honeymoon 33 years ago. The city now has become the symbol for finger pointing and the recent attempt by the Republicans to atone for their sins committed during Katrina.

This whole political thing which says "if we were in charge, such and such would never have happened, so elect us and those things will never happen". Last time the cities poor assumed they would be safe and they were tragically wrong. This time they left and it was largely a non event. What will they do next time? No one knows.
The republicans have done proper due diligence in respecting this potential storm.

Government will stumble on, people will move back, rebuild in safe and not so safe places. New Orleans developed on the banks of the river and I hope my children and grandchildren can observe the unique history and architecture and ambiance of this place. Coffe at DuMondes, Bourbon Street, cajun music, jazz. Its rich and poor living in close quarters. It is unique.

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