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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Walking by faith, not by sight

You lose track of people when you move far away. I asked my friend Jill about a little blind girl I knew. When I was in high school I dated a girl whose parents were blind. My girlfriends brother married a preachers daughter and their child was blind. I remember thinking how unfair that was to send this affliction into a second generation. Whatever happened to that little girl? Jill looked at me quizzically....."you don't know about Ginny Owens??" "Nope". She has had a very successful career as a Contemparary Christian author and singer. She plays piano and guitar and her songs proclaim a relationship with God that trusts Him in spite of her blindness.

Ginny sings on Micheal W. Smiths record label and I just listened to her Best of Album today and was deeply impressed with her lyrics and voice, and realized I have heard her duet song entitled "Remember Me" on K-Love.

She came from a singing family, but God has used her to reach the generation that came along after me. Most of all, I realized again that I have bought into a subtle form of prosperity gospel that says God kind of owes us a healthy life and no serious handicaps. His ways are not our ways.

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Don, You might be interested in this.

Also, visit ginnyowens.com