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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Families

The Internet has allowed me to peek into many worlds. I enjoy tracking peoples experience in their church bodies. The amazing thing is that there are so many Christian groups that gather around so many different issues to find their meaning and purpose and to practice the purity of the church as they believe it.

Just today I visited some old friends websites whose delight is a full orbed liturgical worship combined with Covenant Theology with a heavy dose of Paul's New

Another guy was attending his denominational pastors conference and was name dropping about all the powerful speakers and subjects and had a picture of a filled auditorium and stories of happy reunions with friends.....and I knew none of the names or books or people. This is his religious world, and it has a big following, and I am pretty sure I have never felt the slightest desire to check out there churches and I don't know why. Someone obviously has.

Yesterday it was a mega church in Singapore that preaches a comprehesive and radical grace emphasizing the completed work of Christ and positional righteousness. They are having space problems seating the 18,000 plus that come for weekly worship.

This open flow of information in the form of purpose statements, picturs, articles defending the reasons for their emphasis is fascinating to me because the possibility of the best of these movements learning from each other is encouraging, and the ability of folks to break away from unhealthy movements is probably aided by this as well.

I know this, I am not whistling dixie, that I long to believe the best good news that there is, and I am not convinced we have heard the story told with enough insight to bring transformation to people in all nations, with other backgrouds and religions. Christ is the hope of the world, but His people are the visible connection to the watching world. I am too far along for do overs or church shopping, but when I learn a truth I can bring it into my own experience and my own body of friends, at least I hope I can.

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