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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I bought my first Picasso today!

Forty bucks including shipping from I sell Pens. Link below Here is my daughters blog who is trying to teach me how to add links for interest on my blog. http://meltnaz.blogspot.com/ My daughter has an intertaining and meaningful blog about loving her husband, her kids, ie. my grandkids, about her faith and life and dealing with MS. Read it.

Anyway, this all started when I was reminded of the beauty of writing with fountian pens by Scott McKnight at Jesus Creed. So a few weeks ago I bought a cheap calligraphy Shaeffer from Barnes and Nobles and used it to sign my Birthday and Anniversary cards and enjoyed it.

So, I found a distributor of pens here in Mesa and ordered what is apparently a Chinese made pen that features the work of Picasso. I am excited and worried that this could turn out to be a hobby that requires me to keep buying more expensive fountian pens like my Irish Whistle habit!!!


Never Settle said...

Hello from the other side of the valley!

My sister used to collect pens... and playing cards. She doesn't collect the pens any longer, but her card collection is quite impressive.

Irish whistle... sounds quite interesting. My sons have a toy one somewhere in the house that they received as a gift a few years back. I'm sure the quality of sound is lacking compared to some of your finer ones.

Don Hendricks said...

Thanks for your visit. I have read your blog before and made a mental note to try one of the Christian writers you enjoy.
Yes, Irish whistles can be very beautiful, in quality and sound. I have a large collection of celtic Christian music that uses them to great effect.

Anonymous said...

Don..... I still read your stories even though I have not made any comments until now. I know you were keeping up with me until I shut down a little after the hurricane. I would like to recommend a site for your daughter, its www.experienceproject.com

I am doing some things there for now, it allows me to be anonymous which adds a little comfort in the type of stories I will be sharing.

I will be working on a few things in the future and will try and keep you updated as I sort things out.


Don Hendricks said...

My brother in Christ and in whistle joy. Houston was my home away from home in the early 70s when my parents moved their while I was in college. We lived a block from the Galleria with the skating rink up near Westhiemer. I fully understand the importance of the medium of visual print in your situation and will continue to follow you on PWA and in the future I am sure we will meet face to face and heart to heart when I come visit your area. Thanks for reading and commenting.