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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Large Cars were good

One year ago in August I lost my Chrysler 300M to a fender bender...totaled! I am over it, and we are in a saving mode for its replacement, driving a Chevy Aveo which is on Consumer Reports List of cars not to buy, and a gift vehicle....a 1992 Acura Vigor which was only produced for two years before it lost its vigor, and it has 237,000 miles on it. Impressive. Still reliable and fun to drive, though it asks for premium gas.

So I am thinking I will go with the end of the year shopping when super desparation sales are sometimes occuring. But the real question for me is....will I ever drive a large vehicle again. I loved the SUVs I rented for trips this summer, right up until I filled up the cars at the $80-$120 range.

Today I saw two tiny electric cars with the rear end eight inches behind the seat. Not for me. I want room, leg room and head room and storage room and golf bags room. If I had hundreds of readers, I would ask for suggestions, but my blog is still small. Any suggestions? I am not adverse to gently used cars, its really better on the purse.

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