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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Listening and Playing are both good

My previous post revealed my amazement about Ginny Owens. As I reflect upon it....it is more about the level of excellence rather than her blindness. I have a bit of envy that she is really excellent at her craft. That she has help producing something that people desire to listen to over and over and to pay for.

My oft repeated comment about my own efforts to play instruments goes like this...."I have achieved an astouding level of mediocrity". But, for me, it does not matter. I love music. I listen when I am driving, shopping, walking. I enjoy playing whistles and guitars, fifteen minutes a day minimum, to get better. I am not planning a career, I am practicing an enjoyable passion, and it makes me feel creative and alive, mediocre or not.

Last week I sat down with three musicians, all talented, and we had a session of praise and hymn playing. I was able to find the melodies, and occasionaly to play above and below them in harmony. It was so much fun. Not a perfect expression, not an expression for selling or saving, but a moment of using this universal language to express our feelings of love to God, and his willingness to appreciate the efforts of the mediocre masses. In my ears and God's eyes, maybe it was well done and excellent.

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