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Monday, September 8, 2008

Time and Eternity

I have a part of my psyche that developed an interest in the metaphysical early in life. I was always thinking about and asking questions about those bigger and deeper issues of life and death as a very young person.

I have used what tools I have as a minister to find and study resources that delve into the relationship of time to eternity and followed others who made these subjects part of their intellectual and scholarly discipline. This would include then, on a popular level, the enjoyment of TV and movies that deal with time travel and time shifting as well. H.G. Wells The Time Machine, Back to the Future Series,
and, and, as we now know.......Lost, the TV series.

I watched the first season over the last week late at night, a guilty pleasure, to prepare for what will probably be the last season. I did not see all that first year or remember all the shows I had seen. It was fascinating to watch the plot and character development and to see little hints being dropped even in those early shows. Sawyers second book he reads is "A Wrinkle in Time" which explores the tesseract.

Living forever is metaphysically a tricky thing, and all these artistic attempts at questioning the manner and process are fun and fascinating. I just stay grounded in the knowledge that the One who was and is and is to come has the plan securely figured out, and as I age and play the back nine of life, I am part of that plan.
Lost will be interesting this year and the many loose threads begin to come together to what I hope will be a satisfying conclusion.

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Melissa said...

As far as I know, this upcoming season is second to last with the final season in 2010...so they still have 1 more year to confuse us before they reveal all their Lost secrets. : )