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Monday, September 22, 2008

Approaching campaign overload

I am not sure I can make it fourty plus more days until the election. I may have to fast from TV and Radio and read War and Peace or watch Lost Seasons 1,2,3. OOOPS, I am already doing that.

Something about the instantaneousness of the claim-counter claim, accusation, misstatement, finger pointing self righteousness of it is beginning to make me spiritually sick. And I am not even hoping for the rapture.

I am hoping for the Kingdom of God to exert influence on this process through whomever will stop playing games. I know this is all important but when you have watched a dozen or so congresses and this will be my ninth president the rhetoric of elect us and all will be great begins to sound hollow. And to top it all off, somebody is using free enterprise and government deregulation to cheat honest savers out of thier retirement dollars and homes and make themselves rich on OPM and it stinks.

I think this is my first rant?!


Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I am really considering NOT VOTING........I am at a loss.....and could not cast my vote intelligently and without doubt. Where is our true citizenship anyway? Can we just be heavenly citizens and pray for our leaders the way the word tells us?

Don Hendricks said...

Thank you friend for that comment, for I know where my citizenship lies, and left or right we are facing futures that could bless or plunge us further into chaos. Thanks for visiting.