Hawaii 2010

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Work Related Injury

When I was 24 I was petting a Scott Terrier on a pastoral visit, He put his paws on my knees and wagged his tale, so I leaned down to pet him and he bit me on my nose, both incisors digging into my flesh as I pulled back instinctively, and I bled immediately and profusely and had four or five stitches on both sides, the scars of which I bear today.

Yesterday on a pastoral visit, I tried to enter a home through the front porch, was directed to the Kitchen door, turned to my right and hit an aluminum awning full force. At emergency care, which was caring but very slow, I got a tetanus shot and determine my wounds did not need stitches.
A far cry from the Apostle Paul's physical threats, but, you never know when a wrong move will cause great pain.

Favorites from day 4,5,6. Wiamea Canyon on the right and Napali Coast on the left of a mountain ridge make Kokee State park the best 36 mile round trip of beauty. Also the wild Chicken survivors of Iniki 23 years ago still over run Kauai and are bit players on the islands charm.

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