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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tax Filing in October, yucky!

Fire pits and rocking chairs are a new feature at the Kauai Sheraton.

I am discovering that the older I get the more some forms of technology begin to defeat me. I have a brand new laptop with a bad installation of Windows 10 that has now changed the entrance password and locked me out.

I am now officially through until death do up part with my yearly struggles with Turbo Tax. We just don't get along.

I am now hopefully through with this two year flirtation with late tax filing caused by Turbo Tax and its unwillingness to cooperate with the unique tax situation of clergy.

I am amazed at the leftward drift of our country in things related to free enterprise but I am feeling a need to agree with the loss of jobs for factory and blue collar folks. We just can't support a future generation with fast food and store clerk jobs no matter how much they pay per hour, and if they price themselves and their products out of the market people will quit eating junk food and will continue to buy mail order products.

Sorry for the rant and stuff, mailing taxes at any time lifts my spirits.

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