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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Playing Catch Up

After vacation you begin to catch up with things left undone and things for each week. Laura said she felt a little depression when returning to normal household duties in her second week of vacation, a moment where you wonder if your really did all the things you remember. Life can be like that.

When we are on our morning walks, which for me are photo walks, I am always playing catch up to my wife who strides ahead of me. But honestly, when I stop to snap a picture, it is a real and tangible way for me to extend my vacation and make sure I really remember I spent a week in that beautiful garden island. When I bought the largest photo picture frame that exists, it allows me to have momentary vacations in my mind as the picture of a time and place spends 10 seconds on display.

Here today are my favorite pictures of day one, two, and three. Two Rainbows one above one below, an oft repeated of wifey beside Kialua Falls.

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