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Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Longing Fulfilled

2015 on top, then 2010

In June of 2010 we ascended the hill to see the Waimea Canyon and the Napili Coast from the top and were met with pea soup fog. I had some photos from 2006 I cherish and was very sad that we did not find time to try again that trip. I set a secret hope in my heart that was fulfilled this month we again we spent some time up there with clear skies.

The Hebrews had a desire to see a city whose maker and builder was God, and the author of Hebrews said they never did, but that when they saw the day of Jesus they were glad.

All week long I kept thinking about our four previous visits to Kauai and how they all ran together in my mind and added up to about 40 days of island living. Only a short slice of our life time, but because the island is not, indeed, as close as San Diego which I also love to visit, there just seems to be something akin to a spiritual feeling when I see such views. I keep changing, and resort amenities keep changing, and recreational activities keep changing, but that coast line has changed so slowly that to my eye it is as changeless as just about anything we see.

Greatful to bask in a spiritual/physical site.

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