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Friday, October 30, 2015

False Advertising?

The suspension bridge at the township of Hanepepe, Kauai, its something we do when we tour Kauai.

This year I am guilty of false advertising on my little blog, Not Whistling Dixie, because it says very clearly, "Daily reflections on my wonderful life". This year I have failed to post daily as in years past. Why is this? Is it because my life is not longer wonderful? Well, in some ways yes. Laura and I are in retirement planning mode, the world seems to be preparing for WWIII mode, and my preaching is not getting enough butts in the seats, and on occasion is getting butts off the seats when I offend someone. Is the word "butt" offensive?

So, thank you for visiting Not Whistling Dixie where I share several times a week about my transitional wonderful life. False advertising seems to be a reality in just about every aspect of life these days....politically, socially, educationally, spiritually, and certainly most forms of media. God help us to hear truth and honesty through it all.

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