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Monday, August 3, 2015

Why is sleep interrupted at times?

One of our neighbors back yard faces a lake and three large pines that had died were removed and our HOA planted replacements, with some new soil, I plan to take a picture every six months or so to record their growth cause that's the way I roll.

This Fitbit fitness tracker is so much fun at this time in my life. It is also a sleep tracker as its sensitivity to heart rate and motion can tell when your asleep or restless and of course when you plod to the poddy in the middle of the night. So you sleep with it and end up with some good idea of how much you need, are getting and what kind of night you had.

What it cannot do is explain why I woke up last night at 2 pm and sat there thinking and not able to go back to bed. Finally I flipped the channel of my TV for an hour and watched the last fifteen minutes of the movie Seven Pounds which was a downer and a tear jerker.

So today I try to start another week with a less than revved up engine.

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