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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ms. Laura is a hard worker

All week long Laura handled a classroom of first graders, an avalanche of emails, three or four new computer programs, a 15 mile commute, too many meetings and too early up and too much homework to grade.

Then the weekend, when she becomes the maid and does a ton of laundry and always finds something to clean and repair. Yesterday she got a medal on fitbit for walking 15,000 steps, which is over 7 miles in a day, and we found time to take a swim so I could play with my camera underwater.

This pose is what we lovingly call Kathleen's daughters pose, where they always bend on knee. We find that so endearing and wonder if women with long legs do it naturally or all models learn the bent knee pose.

We enjoyed a lovely meal with a special friend at Ruths Criss Steak House, which is quite a dining experience.

She deserves it all and I am most blessed and happy to become more of a meal preparer to give her a bit of a break when she gets home after a nine hour day at work. Today I chopped and mixed a salad that weighed 2 and 1/2 lbs. with cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, raisins, strawberries, green and yellow peppers, avacado, calamata olives, purple onions, and of course mixed greens. yum!


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you need to learn to do the laundry

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