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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Your thoughts of God may not be God

I wish this were not true, but the Bible is quite large and presents many different images and ideas about who God is and how he relates to us that it is entirely possible that you have developed an image of God in the deep seat of your soul that may not reflect God's character and attitude toward you, your neighbor, your enemy and the world.

Just browsed through the current issue of Charisma Magazine which has a huge following among American Charismatic Christians, and they have whole heartedly accepted the prophecies of a really speculative book and are frankly shaming anyone who is not preaching the absolute fulfillment of major prophecies on a particular day and even just weeks away. That's bold brother.

I am not sure I have a completely correct view of God, but I have looked at many views and many aspects of the way in which evangelicalism has defined God and the Gospel and many views are so far apart they cannot be right. The answers are there, and the time is right to see history in a healthier way and learn to see a more beautiful Gospel begin to find a new voice that reaches the old original voices.

A Jesus shaped gospel, truly good news, truly life changing, truly life valuing, truly compassionate, truly peaceful. I am looking for it.

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