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Monday, August 17, 2015

Dove Wars

Bird Watching at the Cozy Cactus.

Since I enjoyed bird watching at the feeders outside my room in Sedona I decided out large Palo Verde would be perfect for the same activity so I bought a finch feeder and five pounds of seeds and a new hummingbird feeder, and we waited and nothing happened for the first day.

Now, my backyard is bird central and I am discovering that birds have a fallen nuture and are very territorial and selfish when free food is offered. I should have known.

I am also seeing a definite pecking order of who is scared of who. The Quails will not back down to the doves and the doves bully the finches and land on the feeder even though they are too large. They are all shaking the seeds lose so at any given morning or even a dozen or so birds are pecking around on the ground under the feeder. Only a few hummers so far but I am hopeful.

This is all good fun and Laura is now worried about budgeting for bird feed at they rate they are chowing down!!!Picture to follow.

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