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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Laptop Saga

Hawaii on my mind.

Electricity is a great blessing in the modern home.

I currently have access to five laptops! How did this happen and why? One is very old, over seven years,and is being used to drive the the projector in the Bible Study Room. One is three years old and had enough problems to be replaced, but was repaired and is in use near my relaxing chair.One is my office computer being used for daily tasks and chores in my office. One is running the multimedia projectors in the church and goes home with me on the weekends to show the hymns and texts on Sunday. One is Laura's new replacement for her old box which is over nine and being replaced.I am helping her get used to the nightmares of Windows 8 and the junk that comes with new computers when you bring them home, not to mention getting them to hook up with all our sites and passwords and printers.

That's a lot of computers and chords, and when you add our two smartphones and Laura's tablet and my two Kindles we are an electronic family big time.

One Sony, One Toshiba, One Asus, Two HPs. One HTC One, One Apple I Phone, One Motorola Xoom, Two Kindle Fires, one Apple IPOD, Two Flat Screen TVs, assorted speaker devices for playing music around the house and outside, and two rechargeable fitness wrist bands, and a rechargeable earphone with noise cancelling.

No way I go off the grid without major withdrawal and lifestyle adjustment. Still have quiet times and lots of personal reading and meditation the old fashioned ways. Just in case you wondered.

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