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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ricoh Redux

Swimming with Manta Rays with my Canon in a pouch. Why did I just hit the movie button that evening?

When I began my ministry I began to enjoy 35mm photography, first with a Viewfinder and then a SLR that I saved for. I bought a Ricoh and enjoyed it for three years until my infant son innocently pulled it off a table to its untimely end.

Yesterday I got a Ricoh WD 30 which is an outdoor and underwater camera designed for rough treatment when hiking, swimming, skiing or etc.

I like the fact that I am owning a Ricoh and look forward to advancing my skills at underwater photography while snorkeling. My first effort two years ago with my Canon in a plastic case turned out poorly. This should be better. Headed to the pool later to play with it.

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