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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why I will never write a book

I could live without golf...but not without reading.

Because someone already wrote it, and did a better job than me.

I am sure there are lots of other reasons, one of which is the fact that you have to write a lot to write a book, and you have to be organized and original, and have the time and inclination to do the work.

Nevertheless I rejoice when a book succeeds at providing the inspiration, information, content and application that accomplishes its goal and helps the reader. I am helped every week.

I read a number of books at the same time in my reading life. Some have been recommended or given to me to read by friends, some I discover myself when I am searching topics, some feed a particular area of interest that I am working on, some help prepare for a future obligation or joy, like the book on exploring New York City that we bought for our trip next month.

Some are on my waiting list, some on started and hope to return and pick up later. Some are in the tryed but now is not the time list.

What if I woke up one day and no longer had a desire to learn? to understand. to grow?

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