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Friday, May 2, 2014

We do not sell fire insurance!

Out to enjoy the fairways and greens this morning.

Years ago someone shared that a red flag should rise when some teaching or doctrine is named with a word that has no biblical origin. Forgiveness is a biblical word that has a doctrine.

I kept hearing people in their talks and prayers yesterday talking about the "offer" of the gospel. Like you are selling something that people have to accept.

The word offer is in the old Testament and Hebrews a lot. It always talks about us offering something to God, not about God offering something to us. Salvation is not really an offer, its a declaration. It is based upon what God has done for humanity.

Believing is a biblical word. There is a doctrine about believing. When I believe God I am not accepting his offer of anything. I am believing what He did for me. This belief triggers a set of participitory realities like joy, peace, love, etc.

I wish people would stop using the word offer, like a salesman who closes his briefcase when you say no to his offer and walks out the door. The good news never walks out the door, for the unconditional love of God will be there declaring the love of God every moment of every day. He is not really asking you to accept or reject His offer, He is doing what He said he would do, fleshing out the reconciliation of God and man that is a finished work.

We treat people who are not currently with us as if they had rejected God and were under his wrath, and they sense it. They sense the pride we create as those who have accepted the offer. We are just a bit smarter to have bought the pitch than you stooges that did not. Pleae stop offering the gospel and start living it and proclaiming it with simple trust, stop trying to make a sale.

The Gospel is not an offer, its a declaration that all the purposes of God in Christ will be accomplished, and an invitation to a delightful experience of a good and beautiful God.


KC Bob said...

So true Don. Salvation is not an offer but a gift. Now whether the gift has to be personally accepted is a matter that we may disagree on. :)

Bebe said...

Some of your best Don!!!!!!!