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Friday, May 30, 2014

The psychology of weight loss

This is me in front of a shrimp plate truck on Oahu several years ago, about to celebrate with spicy garlic shrimp fresh from the ocean.

I accidentally got hooked up on facebook with a weight loss group that pays a lot for a product called skinny fiber. I should quit but it is fascinating to listen to them encourage each other and ask silly questions as they begin about what they can and cannot eat.

Weight loss is a billion dollar industry that is failing all over the globe, as recent studies suggest that one third of the population in the world is obese.

According to charts, I have been forty lbs overweight all my adult life. In reality, with my frame, 20 lbs would change me quite significantly, and there is not a day goes by when I am not planning, denying, strategizing, and eating to lose weight. Everyday it works, and at the end of most months....it has not worked.

I have psychological issues with celebrations, food that is free, cleaning my plate, and buffets. Enough said. Weight loss is a psychological issue.

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Dixie said...

In the fall, I joined a FB weight loss group started by my friend who has lost 80 pounds since having her last (of four) kids. It wasn't pushing any plan but was merely a weekly weigh-in and it gave me the incentive to lose the 20 lb I had somehow put on during my seminary years.

I have noticed so much in the comments how psychological this process is. Last summer I weighed 20lb more than I do right now (and 10lb more than I did when I gave birth to all of my kids) but I felt beautiful.

However, I knew that my weight was too high and I started controlling my portions, limiting desserts, and drinking lots of water. I didn't have a whole lot of time to exercise being a mom and working and doing schoolwork. But it did the trick.

But I realize that I don't feel any more or less beautiful now than I did last summer. And that I have to choose to be content wherever I'm at even if where I am at is attempting to improve my health/weight.

My friend who's lost so much weight ( and now weighs less than I do!) is still pushing herself for her goal weight. And I wonder with her and with me -- if there will ever be a time we are satisfied. And what are we basing that satisfaction on.

Just some thoughts from a girl who didn't have to lose weight for medical reasons. :)