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Monday, May 26, 2014

Symptoms of a misplaced value

This trend for young people who are unfullfilled to take people with them in violent suicide is beyond my ability to fathom. It has to be fueled by a world connected in such a way that simply committing suicide is not enough, you need to go out with a bang.

The victims of such deranged people really break my heart. They were just living at the moment and in the vicinity of madness and get caught in its evil drama.

If the highest form of love is the willingness to lay down your life for your neighbor, than the lowest form of inhumanity is to take your neighbors life senselessy, wantonly, and for your own sick selfish final moment of revenge.

Knowing how many people lose their lives this way, has caused me to think often about the concept of recompense. It is the opposite idea of vengance. If God promises to exact payment on those who harm others, then will He also restore live to the victims of this theft of time and life, this interupption of life violently?

Its like the last scene in Titanic, when the old survivor dies, and is ushered again into that grand ballroom where the lives of those adventurous shipmates are restored, their memories, their youth, their loves. Yet now in this recompense those in steerage are valued as much as those in first class. Its restorative justice for those caught up in lifes disasters, wars, and senseless acts of rage.

When I stand near those silent, symetrical rows of the graves of our fallen soldiers, and wonder of their last frightened moments, and of the resurrection, I think about those willing to give their life for thier friends, and no matter what when on it their heads and hearts culturally and religiously, they paid the price.

I think about recompense.

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