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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Radical Grace

A glorious day of sailing in Biscayne Bay with my college buddies Alex and Tim, sinners saved by grace, enjoying freedom.

Grace should not need a defining adjective. Grace is a radical concept. But law is a powerful draw of bondage to religion and thus it must always be urgently spoken that the law came through Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

A glance at any weeks news shows the tragic effects of lawlessness, and religion. ie. Sharia Law, Boko Harem. Double yuk! Yet Christianity keeps believing that our form of law is superior to grace. Paul taught grace, they got it, then they began to fritter it away, one little issue at the time. So Paul the teacher had to correct, over and over again. Till they killed him, just as they had killed the author of grace, Jesus. Teaching and modeling grace is dangerous business.

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Bebe said...

Yes, living and modeling grace can indeed be dangerous especially when in the midst of "really nice" folks who have always lived by traditions and teachings of men.