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Thursday, May 15, 2014

mediocre salesman anonymous

I think passing gravesites to and from church makes for a healthy perspective on life and change, and hope. This is from the Big Island.

Trying to survive financially with a nine year preparation to be a minister is.....trying. About the only thing that remotely fits us is selling things, and that is what I did for three years. It was not great, sometimes terrible, always challenging.

This discipline plus time, helped me reenter ministry with a better mindset. I understood the struggles of the working man and the way the weekends invite rest and how easy it is to sleep in on Sunday, with Monday looming.

Human character is however like an onion, many layers to peel to get to deep issues.

What I want to communicate today is simply this. What goes on in your head is who you live with. It is better to like the you who you are and to be working on harmony and peace and freedom from anxiety and hatred and replaying the tape of woundedness all the time.

Peace with God and others and yourself. Grace from God, to others, and to yourself. Lifelong learning from you, for you, and to benefit others.

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