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Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's just life

Young college guys right before launching into real life.

There have been some examples in my recent days of people in mid life doing things that radically departed from their pattern of morality and obedience in the faith. Primarily in the area of ending marriages that seemed successful and launching into some sort of fantasy lifestyle perhaps to recover what they felt they lost in a life of service and hard work, child raising and committment.

This has bothered me because many of them I would have considered very mature in the things of the Lord.

It was as if in declaring the joy and freedom of the gospel many took that freedom to license.

In discussing this with friends who love the lord, one friend said, 'its just life'. Meaning that people are driven and motivated by many things we cannot understand, and what may have appeared to be an obedient life really contained the cracks that developed into the break with the past life. I think there was in his statement a largeness of grace that would sort this out.

That may be true, but I desire to end as I have started, imperfect but constant in the goal of a Christ honoring life.

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