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Friday, May 9, 2014

Healthcare is important

Family pic, 1959 Thanks Mom for raising us along with Dad.

I try not to dwell on it, but the fact is that in almost any other time I would be gone. Life saving surgical interventions have kept me alive. The Healthcare debate and healthcare costs and physician choices are vital to me.

For me this also includes dentists and chiropractors. I am not a hypochondiac. There are modalities in my body that require care. Yesterday my dentist helped me with an issue. As I have begun to massage the surgical scar on my forehead I noticed a place that was not healing. I asked my dentist friend (same office for over 20 years), to take a look and he pulled a huge stitch out of my head that the nurse had missed two weeks ago. We joked about him remembering his premed classes, but dentists still do this stuff. Thank you Dr. B.

Then to my chiropractor, whose diagnostic skills and tests amaze me. Golfers place strain on their bodies no matter how we try to make a simple stress free swing. This things he did yesterday relieved an aggravating shoulder pain and a deep pain in my upper back. I type this morning with a pain free core and an eagerness to enjoy the day before me. Thank you Dr. D.

My heart doctors have been careful and serious and have listened to my own listening to my heart condition. Thank you Dr. K.

The worldwide web provided massive, free information on diet, health, diagnostics, exercise, nutrition. As stubborn and stuck as I often am in my personal habits, my time in the gym and choices we make for eating are based on all we learn. Thank you creative healthcare community on the web. I am reading and listening.

My life has an expiration date. Unlike some of my friends I think the date is a bit flexible depending on our body care, maybe not flexible to Him but still related to my own choices. I do not count out the fact that people have accidents. However, the time I have been given is a gift and my role in the community has been joyful. Thank you Lord. Enough, I go out to live.

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