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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trip Excitement

The grandchildren have been going to Disneyland with us every couple of years since Shannon was five. I have photos of all the visits, we watch them grow, and the sounds and music of a generation raised with the entertainment vision of Walt Disney will surround us for three days.

We will cross and recross the entrances to each Kingdom, sample the delights and the tedium of waiting in line for some of the experiences, and my camera will capture 2014 as I did 2004. Its magical! Although I have for the last few visits taken time outs to go back to the room to lay down for an hour, to rest my weary feet and back, I will still hit the place early and leave it late and love all the interplay between us and the park.

The transformation of the newer park across the way will mean we park hop a lot, and it will be interesting to see as my kids grow if they will spend less time in the places that we enjoy and more time wanting the latest thrill ride. I am pretty sure they will still not jump onto the Tower of Terror with glee. We will see.

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