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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Relationships on display

We were first in line, and next to us were two tall dark haired beauties, who were open and obviously expressing romantic affection while they waited in line. Over the next three days I would spot maybe six same sex couples who felt comfortable in showing their relationship publically in the park.

This is a huge issue in the evangelical church facing a culture that is very willing to accept and coexist with same sex affection.
I am torn about this, and by the way, Torn is the name of a very honest and well written book by a young Christian gay leader. Many would say you cannot be Christian and Gay. To me that is like saying believers are not obese, or adulterous, alcoholic, drug addicted or even dishonest. I guess I lean toward sexual orientation being something deeper than a simple rebellious choice. In recent decades many serious performers in Christian music have come out about their same sex attraction, and somehow we must be very prayerful and gracious in our listening and responding to this phenomenon.


Anonymous said...

sent this message on to someone who is one of the most committed Christians I know struggling with a relationship situation in their family--very difficult so added your thoughts to the mix

Don Hendricks said...

Thanks Eden, we don't need bible quoting when its people we know and love.