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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Disney Gripes

When you have not visited a park in three years it is quite dissappointing when something as major as the Disney Railroad is closed the whole time. It is such fun to go area to area and around the whole park when your need rest. Very sad.

Major ride malfunctions on Day two when we got there early at least four major rides were canceled due to technical difficulties, seems like it was just too coincidental. I think the testing and opening of rides on time should be rigourously followed when you pay this much for a ticket, sheesh!

Fast Pass has become a double wait time when so many people want them that you have to wait an hour to save an hour, stupid.

Having a ride open but only to Disney staff for three days.....what!!!!

Advertising a wait time of 25 minutes that really took over 40, no fair.

Getting rid of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies.....boo!

Letting Starbucks transform my little Coffee market from a small to a big business....inevitable but sad.

Giving you a dinner reservation time and then having to wait 20 minutes to be seated....bad form.

Implementing a new system of taking everyones picture coming and going into the parks, hello Big Brother.

Taking a picture of a bus while almost getting run over by another.....my bad.

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