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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aging technology?

A moment from a young Fathers life.

Laura's Dell runs on Vista OS which is about to be abandoned by Microsoft. My printer ink is no longer stocked by Costco as its five years old. Its like you are forced to upgrade or suffer consequenses.

I am still struggling with windows 8. Everythings moves and shifts but that does not help me find the files I need and multitask as easily as the older version. We have looked at Apple technology as our kids urging and are still pondering a switch.

Other than these minor issues, life is full of satisfaction and joy as we grasp the momentary beauty of our brief springtime in the desert. I am waiting for our backyard tree to burst into yellow blooms. Out rock project is progressing after some gravel spreading a raking this am after our trip to the gym for a Saturday workout.

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