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Saturday, March 8, 2014


The Disney Princess period of life is normal for all little girls in our culture.

I just started reading a book with the title "Quiet" after a conversation with a Christian Therapist I met at a banquet. It is about introversion and its role in a society that functions mostly by valueing extroversion. All the testing questions tell me I am an introvert, and I always wonder if such a personality type is suited for some of the lifestyles expected in ministry.

Its true that in public speaking it takes a degree of confidence and overcoming of fear to share and teach, but none of that would work if I was not fueled by hours of contemplation, thought, study and solitude. That part of my life creates the most meaning and joy for me. Opening up about those things often creates conflict when people see things differently. Yet, finding the best way to live in a changing culture is so important that we cannot just go on as if the world of thought and even the foundations of truth were not a stake.

Anyhow, the book is highly recommended so here I go. Most introverts shy away from conflict, but in our present place in Christianity we are surrounded with so many huge decisions and differing opinions on how to move foreword that it takes a lot of wrestling with uncomfortable conflict to reach resolutions needed to grow.


KC Bob said...

Many of my buddies in ministry (mostly the one who preach) seem to be introverts. The ones who seem to function as shepherds rather than preachers/teachers seem to be a bit more extroverted. And when the extroverts are in the pulpit they seem to have a different style of preaching. Do you resonate with that Don?

Janet said...

I am about half way through "Quiet" and am finding it interesting. I have always found it a bit difficult to be an introvert in a world of extroverts and picked the book from its description. It's interesting to see that it was recommended to you.

Don said...

Very insightful Bob, I am sure preaching style would be affected.

KC Bob said...

It is Don but mostly I have seen it affect pastoral care ministries. Don't ask me how hard it was to get some (introverted?) folks out to visit the sick.