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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Phablet report

Here I am fiddling with a camera back in the 80s with my brother in law Charlie. Good times.

My wired life of information service and access is changing. Last evening I entered security codes or passwords or moden names into a desk computer, two laptops,a Xoom tablet, a Kindle, and two smartphones so that I am finally wired inside my home. Thats seven tools dudes!

Previously my tablet provided access, and wifey had to ask for it to be turned on and off and it is the most expensive form of wireless connection I am told. Now all our online avenues will be using Dish Network and my new fabulous phablet will do the street duty for helping with directions and all the things smartphones do to help us run our lives smoothly.

Oddly, in order for this to happen, I needed a phone jack, which was difficult because we stopped using our phone lines almost three years ago and had covered them up. When I heard the hook up guy working, I asked why a dish satellite service needed a phone line he said it was just to let the company know we were ready to go, and to allow them to cut off service if we quite paying. I could in fact place the modem anywhere after it was installed. He also had to put a new phone outlet box outside the home, because ours was obselete. He said he had been working phone lines for over 20 years and the amazing thing is that we carry more computing power in our pockets than was used to put man on the moon in the late sixties.

I bought my first non branded cheap IBM XT 25 years ago with floppy disk for a brain and I have never looked back. Spell check alone was enough to revolutionize my life of writing.

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