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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Wet Awakening

Yesterday I awoke at 5am and decided to see if our coffee pot was brewing yet. I stepped on a squishy carpet as I headed into the hallway. It was flooded. Long story short, the connection from our home to the sewer drain clogged, the water softener decided to recycle, and how ever many gallons it flushed backed into our washroom through the drain under the wash machine. Gravity carried the water to every part of our tile in our home.

From 5 till 9 I sucked water from our home with my handy dandy wet/dry vacuum. Then mopped, and had a company come in and dry the carpet edges. We are dealing now with our insurance company and checking all the dry wall for moisture and drying.

The plumber who made sure we did not have a pipe break said the drain was a nice idea in many Sun Lakes builders plans, but this was an unfortunate possibility. We are going to plug it up with a back pressure product. We are thankful that this did not happen after we install new cabinets in a few weeks, and that we are going to retile which will allow us to check for mildew and prevent the possibility of the dreaded mold growth. Into every life come challenges, domestic and otherwise.

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Dixie said...

Oh no! Hope everything gets fixed up and sorted out quickly and easily. And that the insurance company is in the business of actually INSURING! :)