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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sports Fans Weekend of Joy

Hugs all around after the big game.

I grew up with the Superbowl. For many years it was viewed as an interruption of the traditional evening service, and to be ignored at all costs. I, therefore, missed a good many of the early ones before VCR recording became easy.

Then the Baptists got the idea to use it as a magnet for men, and brought a big TV into the fellowship hall for a party. That changed everything.

All those memories are past, and the evening service has gone the way of the dinosaur in all but the most fundamental churches, so there you have it. A happy weekend at the end of winter, to rejoice in the uniquely American game, to enjoy family and friends, to watch with glee what has become the second superbowl for me, the contest of the commercials. Its all innocent fun, and I plan to enjoy it, as I do the annual emphasis of love and romance that follows next week. Sportsman I can take or leave, romantic is the real me, including the Divine Romance of God in Christ for mankind.

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