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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kindle Update

A Maui sunset.

My sis wanted me to share continued experiences after the Kindle becomes more a part of my life. I have had it over a month now and have read a self help type book of over 500 pages, and am now reading a popular Christian book.

I have also been adding some inexpensive classics to my library, for instance, Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain. I am finding that the Kindles ability to remember where you had read to is really helping me read many books at a time, a chapter at a time.

My Bibles are helpful, although searching is a bit awkward because you may or may not get a chapter and verse in your search results, so you see the word in a sentence but cannot identify where it came from.

I really love ready from a larger size text, which get me moving really fast in my reading with increased speed.

So much more to learn, expecially in organizing by subject which I will need in the future as my purchases increase. I carry it back and forth to work with me every day.

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Janet said...

I'm not sure that I'll get over the need to purchase rather than check out most of what I want to read.