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Friday, February 11, 2011

A great day off

Looking south from Kialea Lighthouse in Kauai.

We enjoyed a golf outing today. Nothing like being soundly beaten by men 15 years older than I. One day I am going to get this game under control....really!

Heard Violinist Joshua Bell play with an excellent pianist for two hours. The room was a little big for having no amplification, but it probably was more like the days when the classical music was being written and performed, and his instrument and bow were hundreds of years old.

The Mesa Center for the Arts is full of theatres of all sizes, and was enjoyable for my first visit to the facility.

My Dieters Gone Wild day included a great hamburger at the Duke, and Paradise Bakery for dinner. Back on the slow carb plan tomorrow and hope for a larger weight loss than last week.

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