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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In praise of beans

My grandaughter calls my telltale middle section "the bump", with affection thankfully.

I am three weeks into Tim Ferris simple five rule eating plan which he calls the "slow carb diet". I have gone more days without bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes than ever before in my life.

The simple core of this plan is to substitute three servings of beans to fill you up with a legume that is mostly a combination of protien and carb with a very high glycemic index. It metabolized into sugars slowly and does not spike insulin.

The result is a zone type diet with plenty to eat and a true feeling of satiation, and very inexpensive. So I simple rotate my beans for different textures and tastes. Today it was black beans, yesterday Mexican refried beans, another is pintos, another is great northerns, and my new fav....lentils. Actually I have had little success cooking them from hard. They go mushy too quickly. I did find a Trader Joes product vacuum packed in the cold section that are so delicious I am enjoying them immensely.

And I am losing weight, which is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Whatever works! Good job !! Eden

Anonymous said...

If you have a good Indian resturant in the area they do wonderful dishes which feature lentils. Nice and spicy. I love to add garlic, onion and spinich to lentils. we have a coop in Platsbugh that has meny types of beans and lots of recipes. love Judy