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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Special Days

All our three and Linda's two and my parents are watching some serious package opening one Christmas in the 80s.

Our son Brian is flying in for five days to enjoy the Holiday with us. My former Brother in Law is escaping New York's winter weather for a visit and wants to play some golf. The gifts are purchased, mostly without my help, but today I bought something I hope will be special for my granddaughter and it was joyful to load it in my car.

May each of you find in the special days before Christmas the fact that the inauguration of the new covenant began with an infant holy, and lowly, who rules the universe and is ruling until all his enemies are under his footstool, working all things according to the might purposes of God.

1 comment:

Bebe Brokop said...

Don.......I am thinking that the handsome guy in the plaid shirt must be your dad.....Unbelievable resemblance.....
Still enjoying your posts ......Have a blessed
Christmas......YOU...LAURA ...children and grandkids...