Hawaii 2010

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Family Christmas 2010

Woody is assisting Shannon in getting to know the keyboard.

We must be practicing for next year because nothing happened around here till after noon. Brian flew in from New York and I picked him up at a surprisingly busy airport at 10:30.

All our favorite dishes for dinner, Turkey breast, Shoe Peg Corn Cassarole, Broccilli and Raisin salad, Sweet potato covered with brown sugar, cranberries, yum.

Gifting was fun, the Trottiers now have a nice digital piano keyboard, and of course many toys from relatives.

A day to add to the many memories of a Christ filled holy day.

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Dixie said...

We didn't start presents here until 11am b/c my brother and his family didn't arrive until after 10:30am. I guess my kids don't know any better, but it is quite miraculous that they waited patiently (except for Madeline the last 10 minutes) for a good 3 hours to open stockings and presents!

Glad you all had a good Christmas!