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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amazon is real people

This is a relaxing evening at home with family, taken with ambient light, complete with sheet covered couch because we have cats who scratch furniture.

I bought a 2 dollar album from Amazon, the 99 Most Favorite Christmas Songs, and tried to download it at my local WIFI hot spots and it took forever, and then my time ran out with Amazon so I emailed them and got an answer and help from a real person.... it was nice, although his attempts to help failed. So I own 40 instead of 99.

Last night I went to sleep listening to Andrea Bocelli's My Christmas Album which is outstanding.

At the Gym I fill my 75 minute workout with FM 99.9 Christmas music, and..... all this fills me with thanksgiving that our world has been visiting by its Creator, who took our flesh. It is not a myth to me, and it is quite reasonable in my faith.

Today one of our men in Bible study spoke of discoveries of more stars in the Universe that we had ever estimated, and then read the verse that says God has named each star, and....I believe it.

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