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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Electronic Books are here to stay, and hard to find

Don't want to surf the web or play games, which the Ipad does so well.

And the Kindle 3 at Bestway is sold out all over town, right after Christmas. No one has restocked. I have been thinking about getting one because they seem to work so well for what they were created to do, reading.

Also because my library has overrun house and office years ago. There is just no space for more books on shelves.

Still pondering.

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Anonymous said...

Don, Cindy and John got me a kindle for my birthday in October. With the loss of vision in my right eye I had lost some of the pleasure of reading as my eyes tired easily when reading. I LOVE it. First books are much less expensive. There are many titles that are free. There is a bible that is easily navigated. I can enlarge the print. I can highlight and make notes. And....the lighted background is much easier on my eyes. They ordered mine on line from Amazon and got a good price + two free books and a clip on light. I recommend it.