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Monday, December 27, 2010

Listening for the still small voice

These digital piano key weighted keyboards are a great way for your kids to try piano without investing in a half ton of furniture and a huge cost. The sound and features are quite amazing.

I am sure there are as many ways to choose preaching topics as there are preachers. Some go through books systematically, some follow themes, some ride hobby horses, some preach others peoples sermons.

My style for the last several years has been to preach expositionally and thematically. There are texts placed in context, but they are linked by themes that enable me to go a bit more in depth at times.

I also listen for leadings from God, and with the Isaiah passages done, this is a week for thinking about new subjects for the year ahead. I believe there are enough truths related to the gospel of Christ to fill an ocean, and when I quit being excited about it is when I should become a greeter at WalMart. I love looking at how greek words are used throughout the new testament. The nuances and the consistencies all build a case for divine inspiration. I am blessed to be a gospel forthteller.

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